Blog relaunch


I started preparing a relaunch of this website. When I started this, I planned an ambitious project to do long-form reviews and app tests, discussing workflows and setups. I wrote a couple of really intense reviews, up to several thousand words each. However, I quickly burned out as this took quite some of my time. This is just a side project as I am a full-time academic, and thus my motivation quickly dropped. Following, I have not been giving this website much attention for the past years.

Thus, I relaunch this website as a productivity blog. From now on, I will mainly put quick and dirty personal thoughts on apps, workflows, and setups. Basically I want to convey my experiences with workflows as an academic. I want to highlight what worked for me and what did not.

For now, I will refrain from any long-form reviewing, in-depth setup guides or similar kind of contents. In hope, I can more regular update this. I have lots of fun ideas to implement, but I will most certainly lose motivation if I start too much at once again. Maybe I can extend this project little by little, if it gains attraction, rather than the other way around.

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About me


Dr. Marc A. Kastner

I am an assistant professor working on computer vision and multimodal understanding. I am interested in task- and knowledge management. In my free time, I blog on productivity workflows and apps.

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