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One of my recent most favorite outliners is Bike. It is made by the developer of TaskPaper, another outlining app, but now not targeted at task management but pure outlining-based brainstorming.

With the today's release of 1.4, it now also supports rich-text including bold/italic/highlights, but also stuff like embedding links.

If you have not tried it, it is definitely worth a look. It is a bit expensive for such a simple app, but there's definitely attention to detail when it comes to responsiveness and smoothness of animations. I overall enjoy typing in it and recently have been using it quite a lot for research-related brainstorming.

I haven't written about this app in detail yet (I'll do a review of it at some point, promised!) But, if you compare it to task management apps like Things 3 vs. OmniFocus; maybe Bike would be the Things 3 pendant to OmniOutliner... A much more elegant app with fewer features but more attention to detail when it comes to its presentation.

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