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Obsidian and especially the ecosystem around Obsidian plugins and themes is blooming. Therefore, I have been searching around Obsidian and have collected some materials around this ecosystem. In this article, I discuss a number of places worthy to look at (except my website, of course ;-)).

Official forums and discord

Aside from the official forums, I think it is worthy to take a look at the Discord. Discord is a chat platform which closely resembles Slack and similar work-chat tools. The official Discord provides various channels for different occasions:

  • First, there are channels around Obsidian itself, and official paid features like Obsidian Publish and Obsidian Sync.
  • Second, there are channels for extensions such as plugins and themes. Basically, developers discuss their ideas and current issues. There's also a channel for plugin announcements, such as updates and showcases.
  • Third, there's community channels which is basically discussions around how to use Obsidian, how to use task- or knowledge management, and so on.
  • Lastly, there's language-channels, so you can discuss Obsidian in German, Spanish, French, and other languages.

I found it rather worthwhile to join the discourse. The official Obsidian developers often join the discussions, showcasing future updates and discussing next steps (especially if you are an insider, which you can become for a one-time payment). Also, most plugin developers are actually inside the Discord, so you are able to ask them questions or confirm bugs, etc.

Community Wiki

Lesser known than the Discord, there is actually an "official" wiki. It is hosted by the Obsidian team, but then mostly maintained by the community.

The wiki is available over here. It is hosted through Obsidain, meaning Obsidian Publish. It summarizes most popular plugins, themes, workflows, as well as things like community events, and so on.

If you want to contribute, you can add changes directly to the corresponding GitHub page.


There's many people writing about Obsidian nowadays (including myself).

However, one newsletter which I found especially noteworthy is Obsidian Roundup. This weekly newsletter made by Eleanor Konik is essentially summarizing everything important in and around Obsidian. From Obsidian updates itself over plugin updates, theme updates up to community events; she got you covered. It even covers beta plugins and stuff which is not yet released but only discussed on Discord. Lastly, it also has a category on non-Obsidian tools which might be helpful for your productivity. Such as third-party tools which might connect well to Obsidian.

The main newsletter is free. There is also a paid version ($44/year), which includes some monthly exclusive contents. I have not tried it yet, so I can't vouch for its quality. However, if it is of similar quality than the free weekly newsletter, it might be worth a consideration.


Of course, there is YouTube. Many YouTubers summarize how they use Obsidian plugins, so your best bet is searching for the name of the plugin of your choice, e.g., "obsidian dataview".

Unfortunately, YouTube being YouTube, many videos about plugins are pretty much "I have downloaded this for the first time and show you my first impressions" kind of videos, so try to dig for the in-depth ones.

Some people which I found to have an interesting balance of depth and interestingness:

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