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I have written in the past about how I use the Dataview plugin in Obsidian to create tables and lists from content. Lately, I have also been looking into the DataviewJS functionality. Here, rather than SQL scripting, you can use the full power of JavaScript to create even more advanced automations.

In this article, I will discuss how to use DataviewJS to create multiple headings and tables in a row from a single Dataview embed.


My favorite resources on Obsidian

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Obsidian and especially the ecosystem around Obsidian plugins and themes is blooming. Therefore, I have been searching around Obsidian and have collected some materials around this ecosystem. In this article, I discuss a number of places worthy to look at (except my website, of course ;-)).

Obsidian Obsidian-Plugins Workflow Dataview

I am using Dataview in Obsidian to create some light automation in Obsidian, similar to what you could do in something like Notion. There's an inline syntax for settings fields.


Meeting notes for group meetings

Obsidian Workflow Obsidian-Plugins Dataview

In our university, we have regular meetings with all students plus staff and faculty, where we discuss the progress of each research project. For this, I have been taking notes, weekly, summarizing the progress of each project I am co-advising.

The way I do so has changed a couple of times over the time. I used to use paper handwritten notes, but then switched to digital handwritten notes when I bought my iPad.

Recently, since I moved most of my note-taking to Obsidian, I moved most meeting notes to Obsidian. In this article I will discuss how to automatically manage them with the help of some plugins like Dataview.


Obsidian Breadcrumbs

Obsidian Obsidian-Plugins

Recently, one of my most valuable Obsidian plugins seems to be Breadcrumbs.

The idea is simple: You define a hierarchical relationship of your documents and it will automatically display a hierarchy at the start of the document.