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My thoughts on Atomic Habits

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Recently I really got into non-fiction books. I picked up a couple of productivity/self-help kind of books along the way. One is Atomic Habits by James Clear.

I won't go into a "full" book review, nor will I summarize the whole books. There's probably several websites which already have done so, so I'll keep this section short. I will split this article in half: First some initial thoughts on the book which stood out to me, and then how I implemented some ideas from the book into my daily life.


The Getting Things Done Book

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The book Getting Things Done by David Allen can easily be seen as one of the bibles of personal productivity. It is a business book, initially released in 2001 and raised up to be a bestseller in its field.

It covers a combination of time management and stress management, but gives these disciplines a different name: Attention management. It is a guideline on the mindset to approach thought processes and ideas, and how to deal with them. With that, it gives a way to implement task management – to organize how to approach projects and ideas.

In this article, we will take a look on the book, have a brief overview on the methodology itself and what makes it different from other methodologies. Many applications are built upon this concept, but does it hold up to its fad?