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Outlining Brainstorming

One of my recent most favorite outliners is Bike. It is made by the developer of TaskPaper, another outlining app, but now not targeted at task management but pure outlining-based brainstorming.

With the today's release of 1.4, it now also supports rich-text including bold/italic/highlights, but also stuff like embedding links.



Outlining OmniOutliner Brainstorming Featured Image

OmniOutliner is an outlining app by The Omni Group. As the name suggests, it is closely related to the task management suite OmniFocus, which you probably know. However, OmniOutliner is for some reason lesser known.

This is a pity, as OmniFocus historically actually sprouted out of OmniOutliner Pro as a third party addon for GTD. Putting history aside, OmniOutliner is an excellent tool for outlining tool for Mac and iOS.

Outlines are intended lists of bullet points, a way to structure and brainstorm new project ideas, take notes in a meeting, or structure your documents.

In this article, I'll take a look at OmniOutliner and discuss how it can beat Markdown outlines or mind mapping.