Cyber Monday 2017 for Productivity Tools

UPDATED: Transforming the Black Friday post into a Cyber Monday post. We added a couple of more sales. All sales are still valid for now, so happy shopping!

Every year, Black Friday brings thousands of deals and sales. Over the web, there are already hundreds of best of Black Friday lists, so you are probably already overwhelmed. Black Friday often also includes software and services, so it is a great time to try out new productivity tools.

In the following, we will present you some selected Black Friday deals for productivity related applications and services. Most deals will be valid for the whole weekend. If we discover more deals, this post will be kept up to date.



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Review: OmniFocus 2

UPDATED (March 7, 2018): There have been new minor releases (2.22 for iOS and 2.12 for Mac) which brought Quality of Life changes, bug fixes and performance enhancements. Also, OmniFocus 3 is about to start its beta, so there is a lot interesting to come in future: New notification systems, a redesigned interface, Tags instead of Contexts, and more. We will cover OmniFocus 3 in separate articles and reviews as soon as it is available. In the mean time, this article remains updated for v2. If you buy now, you will get a free upgrade to OmniFocus 3, so no need to wait!

With its initial release in early 2008, OmniFocus grew to be one of the most prominent task management suites on the Apple ecosystem. It is an often recommended solution for task management, especially in the lines of Getting Things Done.

But, it also comes with a high price and learning curve. Complex applications often need to be studied, customized and understood, before being able to use them.

Is OmniFocus worth the effort, and can the solution help you with your productivity needs? This article will cover this productivity suite in all details.


Review: GTDNext

This review takes a closer look at a task management service called GTDNext. The very acronymic name already tells half of the story: If familiar with GTD – which by the way stands for the Getting Things Done method – it almost explains itself.

The application is a niche app fully tailored to a single approach to task management. It does not allow much customization, but implements a single paradigm for task management very well and structured.

Is this app something for everybody, or rather a niche app for productivity fanatics?


Review: Todoist

Todoist is one of the most prominent applications in the genre of task management. It is used by many, and thus often recommended throughout the productivity community.

The web-based service uses a one layout fits anywhere approach with an app for virtually any platform, providing the same appearance and featureset everywhere. It approaches task management rather simple: With fewer features, less distracting elements and a bit of gamification; to be an efficient companion in daily work.

We will take a look at the service to see whether it is a valid choice for your task management needs. Can it compete with other giants in task management?