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On this site I cover a variety of topics on different areas related to productivity. However, for our launch we planned a series of articles on task management and Getting Things Done, including reviews of our most favorite apps.

In the following, we will outline all our articles related to task management.

Finding the right app

If you are new to digital task management, it is often hard to pick an app or service to use. If searching for “To-do list”, there are hundreds of results, so how to know, which one is suitable for own one’s workflows?

In our article on the right tools for task management, I outline the most popular choices, categorized by whether you rather want a simple, straight approach, or a complex approach which you can customize for all your needs.

Some of our most favorite productivity tools have dedicated reviews with in-depth explanations, including both things I love and some unfortunate downsides to each app. As food should also be a feast for the eyes – and productivity apps which look pleasant are more fun to work with, the review sections include lots of screenshots to draw your own judgments.

Methods and setups

The concept of an Inbox is something often explained in hands with GTD workflows. GTD? You might ask. Getting Things Done (GTD) is a popular method by David Allen, which is a solution for stress and attention management. Despite the method being easy to explain, the related book is well worth reading.

Most people who used emails should be familiar with the concept of the folder where all incoming communications, and a lot of spam, go. In task management, there is also an Inbox, which can be helpful for the capturing process. This is one of the central pillars of GTD.

Capturing things all day results in noise. This clutters the task lists, but is nevertheless crucial for the capturing process to work. I have multiple articles on avoiding and cleaning up noise, structuring tasks and projects, as well as discussions on how to work with multiple Inboxes, like e-mail plus task management.

If going more advanced, automation can be a life saver. It is a crucial topic to improve efficiency for all kinds of workflows. One of the ways to automate creating new tasks, which works in a large variety of apps, is Send-To-Inbox.

And more..

There is more to come, and this meta-article will be updated whenever I add something big to task management, so stay tuned! All other posts related to task management, can be reviewed on its dedicated page.

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