Working with inline fields in Dataview

Sep, 27 2021
Sep, 28 2021

I am using Dataview in Obsidian to create some light automation in Obsidian, similar to what you could do in something like Notion. There’s an inline syntax for settings fields.


Meeting notes for group meetings

Sep, 24 2021
Sep, 25 2021

In our university, we have regular meetings with all students plus staff and faculty, where we discuss the progress of each research project. For this, I have been taking notes, weekly, summarizing the progress of each project I am co-advising. The way I do so has changed a couple of times over the time. I used to use paper handwritten notes, but then switched to digital handwritten notes when I bought my iPad.


Exporting Markdown from OmniOutliner

Dec, 14 2018
Sep, 24 2021

Both for my day job as a researcher, as well as for this website, I often prepare papers and articles by first writing an outline. In an outline, it is easy to structure articles, re-arrange sections or subsections.

One of my favorite apps in the past has been OmniOutliner. It can export documents to text, XML, word, and others. Unfortunately, it is missing an exporter to Markdown. Luckily, there is OmniJS, the automation scripting language developed by OmniGroup.

In the following, I will showcase one way to use OmniJS, by creating a Markdown-like document from an outline, and exporting it to another app. The scripts works on both iOS and macOS.