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My thoughts on OmniFocus 2 versus 3

A new major update for OmniFocus is just around the corner: OmniFocus 3. The predecessor is award winning and one of the most recommended productivity suites for the Apple ecosystem. So, what’s it all about?

I have been a regular user of OmniFocus for many years (since OF1 days,) so I’ve seen many iterations and new feature upgrades. The third major revision comes with many new features and an updated look-and-feel.

The public release is due for May 30th, but here I have some early thoughts on how OmniFocus 3 improves over 2.


February 2018 Productivity News

While this website mainly consists of reviews and rather timeless methodology-related articles, the productivity world of course moves forward every day.

New apps are released, previous apps are updated with new features. This article will summarize stuff happening through February 2018.