Welcome to After a long time of preparations, this post marks the public launch of

This blog aims at helping readers to find interesting new ideas to enhance workflows. In extensive reviews, it provides analyses of utilities, applications, and services which can help with easing your work.

In regular updates this website aims at providing a constant stream of new ideas and apps to try out and incorporate into your workflows.

How we define productivity

The purpose of this website is not to tremendously overwork and teaching you how to increase your doable working time from 14 to 18 hours a day. In contrast, efficient workflows should help with a good work-life balance and decreasing stress and anxiety. When reducing the number of hours needed for work, one will have more time for the important things. Family, friends, hobbies.

The ultimate goal is to find workflows to reduce the number of needed working hours. The tips are not aimed at giving the reader a reason do longer shifts. Find your individual ways to make your work efficient – do your work within an appropriate amount of time. Sometimes, less is more.


This website aims at providing information spanning several fields. In the following, there is just an excerpt of things planned for to be released during the next year.

Our articles will cover recent updates for apps, tools, and services – to help out in keeping track of the fast, digital world.

Articles on methodology will describe abstract workflows and ideas to think about. These can work with any set of utilities but can give ideas about how to approach work. We will cover and cite interesting research sources and also talk about relevant literature related to personal productivity and businesses.

The Review category will cover exhaustive reviews of different utilities, spanning Web services, Desktop, and Mobile apps. All reviews will go into great detail, showing off all nit-picky details of the apps and services. When appropriate, a comparison of related apps will give insight on what are certain strength of individual apps – and reviews for specific apps will cover these strengths in-depth. We will go over setups and describe how to implement individual workflows with the right app.

The launch content will go over task management, how to structure task lists, how to capture and automate tasks, avoiding noisy task lists, and more. In the long run, we will go over a variety of productivity related fields and categories. Brainstorming, project management, time management, document management, paperless, emails management. There is more to come, so follow on Social Media or using RSS feeds.


The target group for this website is anybody with an interest in personal productivity and efficiency.

This can be entrepreneurs, which need to manage their own projects in a timely manner. This could also be academics. During a PhD or in a post-doctoral academic career, there is a vast amount of self-management involved. Of course, anybody interested in workflows is welcome.

The articles are mostly targeted at personal workflows. Where relevant, team-based options might be mentioned. However, ways to enhance productivity of an individual are the main evaluating factors in reviews, articles and other texts on this website.


Any project costs money. For Server architecture, software, hundreds of hours of writing and editing time. There is no charge for information – everything is available to read for everybody, for free. A mixture of affiliate links and advertisement will help to pay the bills.

Advertisement sounds obtrusive. But obtrusive ads will not be the case. There are some in the sidebar, between posts and UI elements. There will not be any case of pop-ups, layers, or full-screen ads, which come in the way of reading articles and content.

Affiliate links are commissioned links. Clicking on outgoing links will send you to the developer website, app stores or Amazon, whatever is appropriate. An affiliate program will reward us with a percentage of any purchases done after reaching a store through this website. There is no disadvantage for the reader as the pricing for the buyer stays the same.

This does not result in biased reviews. Our policy states, that any software and service is reviewed and analyzed from a critical viewpoint, pointing out both things we like and dislike. A recommendation is a true recommendation. aims at gaining the readers trust. Nothing is reviewed or tested for sponsorship only, and money will not influence recommendations.

About this author

Marc A. Kastner
Dr. Marc A. Kastner

Marc is the founder and editor-in-chief on He is computer science researcher in Tokyo, Japan. Always interested in improving his own workflows, he is on the journey to discover new productivity utilities. On, he writes articles on productivity and digital workflows.

Twitter: @mkasu | E-mail:


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