January 2018 Productivity News

While this website mainly consists of reviews and rather timeless methodology-related articles, the productivity world of course moves forward every day.

New apps are released, previous apps are updated with new features. This article will summarize stuff happening through January 2018.

For this months update, there are two big ones: Both the productivity suite MyLifeOrganized and OmniFocus recently announced major updates for their software. MLO 5 for Windows and OF 3 for Mac and iOS are, or will soon be, in beta – and be ready for release during 2018.

MyLifeOrganized 5 Teaser Video

One of our most favorite task management tools, MyLifeOrganized, posted their teaser video for their next major release v5 for Windows on their Facebook page.

The new release will feature a revamped design with a couple of newly introduced feature. Among others, the notes section now supports Markdown syntax for rich-text editing like headings, bold, or italic fonts.

On Productived.net, I wrote an up-to-date review on MLO 4 for Windows as well as the mobile companion apps for Android, iOS and Apple Watch. When the time comes, it will be updated for MLO 5. As a partnership with MLO I am part of the private beta, and while I can not (yet) disclose detailed information, my general impression is pretty positive and it seems to be a well built update to the already pretty good task management suite provided in earlier versions.

OmniGroup Roadmap 2018

The OmniGroup posted their roadmap for 2018 with lots of treats for productivity nerds. Among other announcements, the highlights for this year will include OmniFocus 3 for iOS and Mac and OmniOutliner 3 for iOS.

OmniOutliner 3 for iOS will be a revamped version of the already great outlining software OmniOutliner 2. The Mac version already hit version 5 a while ago and created a slight functionality gap between the Mac and Mobile clients; so OL 3 is coming to fix this issue and bring them on the same level. OmniOutliner 2 has been a flat pricing, but for the third iteration, there is are two options for more flexible pricing: Essential and Pro. If you buy OmniOutliner 2 now, the Pro version of OmniOutliner 3 will be a free upgrade; so you’d have nothing to lose!

OmniFocus is one of my favorite task management suites and a close contender to the app MyLifeOrganized discussed above. OF 3 will be in beta very soon, but they already hint at dozens of new features: Tag support, manual sorting of tasks, better notifications, flexible scheduling, and a revamped design. After the initial release, updates for the third major production cycle will also include collaboration and better automation tools. Of course I will monitor all coming changes closely and update our reviews and articles on OF and GTD related stuff accordingly, as soon as OF3 will hit the shelves. Until then, take a look at my up-to-date review of OF 2 for all platforms.

Together with the release of OmniFocus 3, there are plans to add a subscription service with a Web interface for basic editing. While it is only usable in conjunction with the Desktop and Mobile clients (as in, no support for standalone usage), it will finally close the usability gap for Windows or Linux users.

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