Cyber Monday 2017 for Productivity Tools

UPDATED: Transforming the Black Friday post into a Cyber Monday post. We added a couple of more sales. All sales are still valid for now, so happy shopping!

Every year, Black Friday brings thousands of deals and sales. Over the web, there are already hundreds of best of Black Friday lists, so you are probably already overwhelmed. Black Friday often also includes software and services, so it is a great time to try out new productivity tools.

In the following, we will present you some selected Black Friday deals for productivity related applications and services. Most deals will be valid for the whole weekend. If we discover more deals, this post will be kept up to date.

DevonTechnologies (25% off)

DevonTechnologies have a 25% discount on all their productivity apps. This includes both DevonThink and DevonAgent.

DevonThink is a file management and database tool. It can be used to archive, manage and organize all your files and notes. It is similar to Evernote, but natively runs on your computer and does not put all your data into the cloud. It has an iOS companion app which syncs to the Mac database for access to all your data on the go.

DevonAgent is a search agent; it can make automated web crawling to search all your favorite sources for updates. It can aggregate results from multiple sources like search engines and academic aggregators like Google Scholar, ACM Digital Library, etc.

Due (40-50% off)

The app Due focuses on reminders. Therefore, its purpose would be different to a normal task management app. Other than organizing tasks and work during the day, it simply dedicates to remind you the best way possible – of everything: Tasks, calendar entries, routines.

Fully dedicated to reminding, it allows much more options than many other applications: Snoozing, repeating reminders, persistent reminders, auto-snooze. It is a great complement to other task management applications, as it can be used in symbiosis.

Fantastical 2 (20-50% off)

The app Fantastical is an alternative to the native Calendar apps on Mac and iOS. It comes with a more advanced scrolling interface and many advanced options. One of the biggest advantages over other apps is the natural language processing for the input of new calendar entries.

Inoreader (6 months extra for annual subscription)

The service Inoreader is a spiritual successor to Google Reader, a service which was discontinued by Google despite having a large base of followers. As a RSS reader, it of course allows following RSS feeds, but it does not stop there: Facebook feeds, Twitter timelines, Google Plus feeds.

In its feature set, Inoreader is tailored to productivity fans and people working with lots of data sources. It allows filtering, custom rules and full text search of subscribed blogs, and more. It also allows an active search of all blogs in the full database; over the whole web. Together with automation and integration into services like IFTTT, Evernote, Dropbox and more, it is one of the most powerful RSS tools on the Market.

  •  Inoreader (6 months extra for annual subscription) recommended

Readdle (33-60% off)

Readdle has a full suite on productivity tools for the Mac and iOS: An e-mail client, a calendar app, a PDF app, a scanning app. Each of them are one of the best of their respective field, and all of them play together very well with mutual integrations. Their PDF app is said to be one of the best PDF annotation apps for the iPad – with support for the Apple Pen.

SmileSoftware (50-70% off)

With TextExpander and multiple PDF apps, SmileSoftware is another company who devoted themselves to productivity software. For this years Black Friday, they have a bundle of two of their iOS. For $9.99, they throw in two of their PDF apps: PDFPen and their scanning app.

PDFPen allows both reading documents as well as adding annotations with Apple Pencil or finger, while their scanning app focuses on providing a high quality OCR text detection for scanned documents. Both apps are also discounted separately.

Amazing Marvin (20% off)

The tool Amazing Marvin is a newly launched tool which aims to provide a task list for procrastinators. It uses a modular approach with toggleable plugins to allow the users to flexibly decide which set of features they want to use for their productivity.

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