Obsidian Breadcrumbs

Sep, 19 2021
Sep, 25 2021

Recently, one of my most valuable Obsidian plugins seems to be Breadcrumbs.

The idea is simple: You define a hierarchical relationship of your documents and it will automatically display a hierarchy at the start of the document.

I use a Wiki-like setup where I have a “start page” and then several Table of Contents related to different subtopics. In each, I just need to select its parent in the metadata section like this:

- [[Some parent page]]

(Alternatively, you can do it the other way around and define children notes, or a mixture of both.)

This will give me breadcrumbs like this:

If having multiple paths to the top-most file, it will actually also display them:

It is also integrated with some other plugins such as Dataview, so can will work with meta-data specified in Dataview syntax.

Overall, it gives me a nice way to navigate between files.

Other features

There are some features which are less interesting to me, but might be appealing for some:

  • It can show you an overview of “sibling pages” (i.e., those with the same parent.)
  • It can differentiate between set relationships and inferred relationships (i.e., implicit ones).
  • There’s a way to define multiple separate hierarchies.
  • Lastly, there’s a couple of other visualizations, such as a hierarchy-based graph view. The visualization seems helpful for finding files which are outside the graph, i.e., those notes for which I have not defined a parent note for.


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